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DPDR During Quarantine

Posted by Bren in DP and Me, 23 March 2020 · 437 views
Dpdr, Quarantine, Coronavirus and 3 more...

I know what you're thinking. "Ugh. Another blog post about the Coronavirus." It's okay, I've been reacting like that lately too. However, I feel like DPDR is a largely overlooked mental disorder and I want to share my experiences with this community.  So. My "Coronacation" hasn't been the most exciting time, but as far as I can tell, everyone else is...


Posted by Sabby in Sabby's Blog 1, 12 December 2019 · 647 views

Morning All

Finally i'm here. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I guess that's what I mean when I say finally i'm here as my DP/DR has led me here today.

My name is Saber, I'm 38 years old,...


Posted by ali3n in ali3n notebook 2.0, 25 April 2019 · 728 views
new med, med, update

clonazepam today i start taking clonazepam (3 drops at night).
and i used to take 1 citalopram, but now i'll be taking 1 and 1/2 so thats what i'm going to be taking daily from now on. lets hope it does something 💊💦 (tbh i wanted to try cbd lol but whatever, if this doesn't work, thats probably going to be my next step)

Musings and feelings right now

Posted by Ernestia Ignis in Ernestia Ignis' Blog, 05 January 2019 · 421 views

Hey guys
This is a recent attempt to put my feelings into words.
I feel like myself and not myself.
I’m getting recollections of memories from the past whenever I look at something. It sounds like a good response.
Right now I’ve been taking huberzine A, an acetocholine reuptake inhibitor
About 200 mcg a day. Ive also been doing other...

It is what it is

Posted by MysteryGirl in MysteryGirl's Blog, 03 December 2018 · 496 views

So, I haven’t posted anything in a long time.
Here’s how I’m doing... I’ve started to drink again.
I’ve started to smoke marijuana again, however I don’t do it very often, maybe once a month.
I eat what I want and I exercise when I please too.
I don’t go to therapy and I don’t take medication.
I have anxiety and fear all the time...


Posted by vik.1 in vik.1's Blog, 10 November 2018 · 378 views

Hi Everyone,
I'm starting this blog in order to 1) acknowledge my feelings in an attempt to understand how to be better and 2) hopefully make a connection that will maybe help others contextualize their feelings. I've expereience DRDP and/or some level of debilitating anxiety for nearly as long as I can remember. I've been able to distill my expereince down...

Steady as She Goes

Posted by star_cheese in star_cheese's Blog, 23 September 2018 · 446 views

You guys know how big life events can encourage a DP episode. It happened. My son turned one today, and the past week have been keeping away and avoiding some feelings.
When I am in public, I struggle not to feel people. There have been many outings lately due to the nicer weather. I put up an invisible wall to protect myself. After I got home it struck...


Posted by Dpbren in Dpbren's Blog, 21 September 2018 · 940 views
Reocery stories

Hello guys I'm new to this forum. Just wanted to talk about my story and recovery.For anyone still suffering from this horrid nightmare I'm so truly sorry it can be tough.But it does get better,you just have to have faith it will pass!!! 
My story start 6 months ago I'm pretty sure mine is pretty similar for anyone who had weed induced dp/dr.well it...


Posted by felixthecat in felixthecat's Blog, 03 September 2018 · 486 views

i think im about to get fired and its too much for me to handle

Depersonalisation ocd weird thoughts

Posted by Fzad24 in Fzad24's Blog, 29 June 2018 · 701 views

I just have this constant habit of over analyzing and paying close attention to everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, I do. I even pay attention to how I think and the thoughts I get. It's horrible, and I honestly don't know how to escape this. I honestly can't even think anymore because of this, because I'm always so fixated on my thinking and how it works...

Just trying to help

Posted by sarah_ in My story, 07 June 2018 · 555 views
help, experience, tips, advice and 3 more...

I first experienced dp 2 years ago and yes it was awful as so many know. Now I still have dp, but I normally forget about it. I guess that really just emphasises how much it's in the head, I only remember it when I think about it. Tip 1: It's OKAY. I know it doesn't feel okay, I know it's scary and you may feel lonely and that it's tough. But it's...

An Unfortunate Death

Posted by MysteryGirl in MysteryGirl's Blog, 16 May 2018 · 527 views

I haven’t wrote anything in a long time.
A horrible thing happened.
My brother committed suicide in February.
There was no signs or signals.
We didn’t have a clue.
I had to tell my parents. My DPDR has been skyrocketing.
I don’t really know how to deal with it.
I’m just taking one day at a time.
I have a lot of thoughts of death and about...

will medication help?

Posted by cblatt in cblatt's Blog, 03 May 2018 · 512 views
depersonalization, ativan and 4 more...

okay so i was told taking ativan will help my dp. i’m just scared to even try because the last time i took buspar i had my very first experience with depersonalization. i have a concert to go to in 12 days and i am determined to go. it’s hard for me to leave the house but if i don’t go to this concert and meet this person i will never forgive myself....

Journal Fri, Feb. 9 : The Reason Why

Posted by -SPIT- in Feelz & Thoughtz, 09 February 2018 · 685 views

I think maybe it would be beneficial if I wrote about why I've suffered with DP all my life.
Because if I'm self aware enough to have it, I'm self aware enough to know exactly why. And it's simple.
I have father issues, plus perhaps a very sensitive mind. Let me explain.
My Dad, hasn't had a steady job. Therefore he stays home all day.
My mother,...

2/6/18 (Questioning DP)

Posted by sosully492 in sosully492's Blog, 06 February 2018 · 604 views

Hey guys, still have that drunk feeling/distorted feeling that comes with DP. I was reading a few posts and it got me wondering... Is 24/7 DP actually a thing? Or is it a lasting effect from obsessing over it? I want to say that I feel it all the time, but frankly that's not true. Whenever I am distracted (TV, Video Games, Schoolwork, etc...) I don't think...

My symptoms of depersonalization and the way I feel. Opening up helps alot.

Posted by Sharon22 in Sharon22's Blog, 13 January 2018 · 976 views
depersonalization, anxiety and 7 more...

I have no idea how I am controlling my body, as I type this, it is like someone else is controlling my body. I don't feel present. My body feels robotic and on autopilot. The sky looks strange tonight, the world seems so weird and foreign to me, my mind is not connected to anything and has not been for months. I understand that all my mind is doing is...

EFT, how to do it

Posted by FaceYourFear in EFT for DPDR, 14 October 2017 · 1040 views
EFT, Healing triggers

Hi everyone, I have had dpdr, dissociative amnesia(complete to partial memory loss), and slight hppd, causing mild hallucinations for the past 5 years and now I have it down almost completely. In my opinion, the first thing someone needs to realize if he wants to be healed is that dpdr is a disorder caused by negative emotion/triggers/negative...

Blog #1 First time blowjob + Might try Xanax (should I?)

Posted by nathan69 in nathans blog, 12 October 2017 · 1215 views

Im just gonna link points down as stuff that's come up recently even though it doesn't really have to do with dp/dr I wanna this up to look at it when im older. 
ok so I got my first blowjob a couple weeks ago and I kinda fell in love with the girl but ik they always end up not loving me so I stopped myself before I got too far. I remember we were...

Please give me help.

Posted by dustinwagner45 in dustinwagner45's Blog, 02 October 2017 · 769 views

Hello everyone,   My name is Dustin, and I am very scared. I'm scared of the universe, scared of being inside my body, scare of looking at objects, literally everything. What caused this was smoking some synthetic marijuana about three years ago for me, and I've been in pain ever since. It seems as every day is just another day to struggle through...

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