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will medication help?

Posted by cblatt, 03 May 2018 · 512 views

depersonalization ativan anxiety severe anxiety dp disassociation

okay so i was told taking ativan will help my dp. i’m just scared to even try because the last time i took buspar i had my very first experience with depersonalization. i have a concert to go to in 12 days and i am determined to go. it’s hard for me to leave the house but if i don’t go to this concert and meet this person i will never forgive myself. anyways, have any of you ever taken any anxiety reducing medication to help decrease dp? i should probably also say my dp is sever anxiety induced.

accept your dp/dr. It's not going to hurt you. Sometimes the fear of panic is worse than the panic itself. By worrying you are only making it worse. Where does anxiety come from? Not from the outside. No. It comes from within you. Recognize your thoughts and just move on with the day. Don't overthink just do. If it comes, accept the feeling for what it is. A feeling. You give it a label: good/bad/whatever. You can't choose that you have dp/dr, you can, however, choose how you respond to it. 

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