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1st day of DPDR Blog

Posted by sosully492, 02 February 2018 · 215 views

Hello guys,
Starting this blog so I can track my progress and share my "journey" with others. I have found that this place is great for venting DPDR issues and I want to continue posting, updating, etc...


Today I feel bad. I keep spacing out in class and having existential thoughts. When I walk through the halls of my school I feel as if I am not in control of my body. I question the movement of my legs, and feel as if I am looking through a "camera perspective". I feel as if I am only a entity that visually observes the disconnected world that lays directly in front of me. UGH. I also wanted to ask if anyone feels head pressure when they are feeling this way. My head/brain seems to tense up whenever I am feeling like this, as if my head all of a sudden as gained weight?? I also keep losing concentration whenever I am in a conversation with anybody. It is almost like I do not have control of the words that come out of my mouth. Can anybody relate?

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