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2/6/18 (Questioning DP)

Posted by sosully492, 06 February 2018 · 561 views

Hey guys, still have that drunk feeling/distorted feeling that comes with DP. I was reading a few posts and it got me wondering... Is 24/7 DP actually a thing? Or is it a lasting effect from obsessing over it? I want to say that I feel it all the time, but frankly that's not true. Whenever I am distracted (TV, Video Games, Schoolwork, etc...) I don't think...

Not much to say today

Posted by sosully492, 03 February 2018 · 266 views

I have only been concerned with myself for the longest time because of my DPDR, but recently I’ve found someone I like and I think it would be nice to be involved in a life other than mine. Maybe being with someone will make me feel more “real” and get DPDR off of my mind? Hoping for the best.

1st day of DPDR Blog

Posted by sosully492, 02 February 2018 · 235 views

Hello guys,
Starting this blog so I can track my progress and share my "journey" with others. I have found that this place is great for venting DPDR issues and I want to continue posting, updating, etc...  Today I feel bad. I keep spacing out in class and having existential thoughts. When I walk through the halls of my school I feel as if I am not in...

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