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Please give me help.

Posted by dustinwagner45, 02 October 2017 · 768 views

Hello everyone,


My name is Dustin, and I am very scared. I'm scared of the universe, scared of being inside my body, scare of looking at objects, literally everything. What caused this was smoking some synthetic marijuana about three years ago for me, and I've been in pain ever since. It seems as every day is just another day to struggle through life and I wish I could just go outside for once and look up at the sky and say I'm OK, things are going to be OK. But I don't know if I can. I don't know if I'm strong enough. Please help me get through this.

I've felt the same. I got dp/dr from smoke cannabis. I remember I felt trapped in reality and the only way to escape reality was to kill my self. Just keep going. Go outside fuck around with friends. Get other emotions in your brain. Get some adrenaline idk just try and have fun. That's how I got rid of it I just did other things to get my mind off of the thought that I fucked up my brain for life. 

Hey bud, you are okay just know that the feeling can not hurt you and its your mind just protecting yourself, basically making you feel like ur on auto pilot. trust me Im 17 and started this feeling last year from weed. Just keep having faith and know that you got people that will help you through this whether its on here on the forums, your never alone, this is a common disorder. 

Hi hun, I am going through the same thing now. It's all part of derealazation and it will pass. xxx

When our brains go into depersonalization/derealzation, it "forgets" to tell the other side of the brain so your mind thinks it is in constant danger because the other side is not sending signals to it to tell it is protecting you. Believe me, it's fucked up, I know. But it does pass x

Don't think that it will be constant for the rest of your life. I have DR since 2 years and you get used to it by time. Try getting CBT theraphy. Regular exercise & stress reducing actions might help. Wish you luck and stick on the ground thight my friend.

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