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Check this stuff out!

Posted by Tommygunz, 29 October 2010 · 426 views

Man, i feel so hip doing this blog thing. i think i might have to start wearing skinny jeans and saggy beenies, while writing my blogs at the coffee shop looking sophistcated, lol. anyways, thats enough making fun of hipsters for one blog entry.

You guys are mostly aware that i have recovered, right? so i just wanted to fill you in on something that i did recently. i bought the nootropic supplement aniracetam. yeah, i've recovered but it promised so many awesome things that i just had to try it out. holy crap i wish i had gotten it sooner. i took it today for the first time and i have never felt so comfortable and confident in my life. everything has felt so smooth and effortless all day. like i have this natural flow going on. my wit is much better. crackin jokes at the drop of a hat to complete strangers.

I wanted to share this with you guys because i know that anyone with DP/DR could use this stuff. if has a very strong anxiolitic quality to it, which accounts for the confidence and comfort. so if you guys want to feel quick, smooth and comfortable in your own skin again i suggest you check this stuff out. this is a link to the one i got. it's fairly cheap compared to the rest of the brands but works great. .

I'll add it to the list.
is Aniracetam not a brain softdrug?

is Aniracetam not a brain softdrug?

i'm not sure what you mean by this question.
Is it prescription only in Canada, along with the others on your list?

Is it prescription only in Canada, along with the others on your list?

i'm not sure. i imagine a quick google search would tell you.
Nov 26 2010 11:20 AM
lol I wear skinny jeans, saggy beanie barettes, and go to coffee shops to read :P