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From: Read this if you want to recover. New edits, check em out

Posted by Tommygunz, 29 March 2012 · 2056 views

HOW I GOT STARTED IN THIS - while obsessively surfing the forums one day, i came across a post by cBURT, about a sublingual B complex that had improved his DP. in turn i thought, "well, it can't hurt to try". so the next day i started using one. it was only a matter of days before i was noticing subtle improvements, in fact it was the first...

Check this stuff out!

Posted by Tommygunz, 29 October 2010 · 405 views

Man, i feel so hip doing this blog thing. i think i might have to start wearing skinny jeans and saggy beenies, while writing my blogs at the coffee shop looking sophistcated, lol. anyways, thats enough making fun of hipsters for one blog entry.

You guys are mostly aware that i have recovered, right? so i just wanted to fill you in on something that i did...

A short sweet analysis of Dp/Dr.. Including updated supplement regimen

Posted by Tommygunz, 23 October 2010 · 1354 views

Many you of you are probably sitting there wondering what this disorder is, why it happened and how to make it go away. well for most cases there is a fairly simple answer. you over did it. their are a multitude of triggers: stress, trauma, drugs etc. what is important for you to learn and accept is that it does not matter what triggered it. the trigger is...