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"Over-thinking and Freedom from Your Prison" - 30/09/2014

Posted by Wendy, 31 January 2015 · 665 views

Originally from: Overthinking and Freedom from your Prison by: therapyjourney.

The book [F**k It Therapy by: John...

Helping Your Worries.

Posted by Wendy, 16 May 2014 · 701 views

Why is it so hard to stop worrying?

Constant worrying takes a heavy toll. It keeps you up at night and makes you tense and edgy during the day. You hate feeling like a nervous wreck. So why is it so difficult to stop...

Reinforcing Positive Thoughts.

Posted by Wendy, 03 May 2014 · 513 views

Due to recent problems in my life, I've decided to try something new - reinforcing positive thoughts. There are many ways that you can do this and that's why, I think, this is a really cool idea for anyone suffering from intense negative thoughts. Let's use an example to really understand what I...

Introduction to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

Posted by Wendy, 24 February 2014 · 858 views
OCD and 4 more...
This was copied from the original thread: Introduction to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

Introduction to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is an anxiety...

Vision Problems - How Anxiety Can Affect Your Eyes.

Posted by Wendy, 13 December 2013 · 3933 views

Vision Problems and How Anxiety can Affect Your Eyes

Various threads state that one of the symptoms of Derealization and Depersonalization are visual problems; such as "visual snow", blurry vision or things just not coming into focus how you want. While these things can sometimes be legitimate eye issues, most of...

Are You A Perfectionist? (Understanding Perfectionism)

Posted by Wendy, 27 November 2013 · 1324 views

Understanding Perfectionism.

More times than not, users here talk a lot about perfectionism and what it is to be a perfectionist. In dissociation's case, it seems that perfectionism can actually hinder progress in recovery due to the perfectionist's "Go Big or Go Home" outlook. I think it's...

Ultimate Guide to Schizophrenia - Why You Don't Have It.

Posted by Wendy, 18 November 2013 · 1085 views

The Ultimate Guide to Schizophrenia - Understanding it, Knowing it, and Realizing that You Don't Have It.

More times than not, I'm greeted with this familiar phrase trickling it's way into the site: "I fear that I have Schizophrenia," followed with a discussion of scared individuals trying to work their brains around the...

Emotional and Psychological Trauma.

Posted by Wendy, 15 November 2013 · 1281 views

Emotional and Psychological Trauma.

The word "trauma" gets thrown around on this site a lot and I want to make more mention of what trauma actually is; I want to give more insight as to why we have trauma, what we can do to cope and, in some cases, how we can even find that we have been through...

Grounding Techniques - Why Grounding Can Help.

Posted by Wendy, 14 November 2013 · 3705 views

Grounding Techniques - Mental, Physical and Soothing.

What is grounding?

Grounding is a set of strategies to detach from the emotional pain inside, such as anger or sadness, and instead channeling it into focusing on the external world - rather than inward towards yourself. During...

Dealing with Death.

Posted by Wendy, 14 November 2013 · 315 views

Dealing with Death.

Death can be a struggle - whether you're mourning over a loved one or just afraid of dying, it's always a struggle because it's something that we are not familiar with. We do not know what happens after death; some may find solace in religion and faith, but it's a completely unknown concept to us. We fear...

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