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it's been some weird days

Posted by ali3n, 17 March 2019 · 583 views

med update
it's been some weird days

not an improvement update,
just a regular one


its been almost 3 months since i started taking citalopram (and it feels as tho its been ages)
and the only thing i can say is that i feel more calm, not as much as i would like to, but i'm not as anxious


also, here is something that i wrote one of these days as a quick note:


<< it feels as tho ive been bereft of my humanity, but its still there, theres just a barrier between myself and it.
sound feels like an illusion, i feel blind somehow, and theres a screen in front of my thoughts


its not as if i'm not controlling my body, its more like i lost the conection that made me one with my body.


i am not seeing things that are not there as real, i'm seeing things that ARE there, as not real. >>


and i'm in college now and i'm strugling a bit because my focus is absent, and i dont feel like doing my homework til the last minute, dont know if thats dp related.

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