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Iv'e almost 100% cured my DP, here's exactly how....

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Posted 27 March 2017 - 05:09 PM

I've been here, most people are slightly low in zinc so it can give a little positive effect. Plus it has an antidepressant effect as it's in high concentrations in the Hippocampus but I doubt very much its the silver bullet (no pun intended). I went down this route for years, and still occasionally somehow mysteriously find myself back (even now) blaming this on minerals/vitamins. It's difficult what advice to give as in this persons case it clearly helped, but I would advise to avoid endless hours googling lyme disease, brain fog, candida, coconut oil curing alzheimers, krill oil, turmeric, chocolate, green tea, oolong tea, magnesium deficiency, post concussion syndrome, blablabla... these examples are just a drop in the ocean to what I have searched.

In my opinion this is primarily an EMOTIONAL disorder. What is behind all this googling? This endless searching? Keep an open mind to all options, and by all means take that next supplement but dont put all your hope into it and have to find 20 different peer reviewed journals to back up your decision. Because for me, none of them EVER did a thing. And the list would be as long as I am tall.. literally. Longer if I counted different diets and fads like starving myself.. sorry 'fasting'. I don't have much solid advice as nobody does, but I have been noticing some changes by focusing the belly/chest with a soft and easy, effortless attention. Negative emotions keep coming up, be kind don't try to 'get rid of them' as this is a form of self denial, just give them an gentle attention and almost listen to see if they have anything to say. I've been doing this with some good results

Anyway I'm rambling. All I'm saying is, don't put all your eggs in one basket. There aren't a lot of 'this supplement cured me' posts... there are quite a number that advise to 'let go'.. and I think that is what they are pointing to

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