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Venlaxafine day 7

Posted by James_80 in James_80's Blog, 20 March 2017 · 18 views
venlaxafine, effexor

I'm now on 37.5mg xl (extended release) a day. This is much better than the 75mg every other day (my psychiatrist doesn't really seem to have a clue sometimes). The side effects are fairly minimal at this point. Every other antidepressant I've been on has totally spaced me out. This one seems to be working more on the depression than the anxiety, although...

Lemme introduce myself

Posted by Trash in Trash's Blog, 15 March 2017 · 46 views

I'm currently in 7th grade and I'm 12(female). I don't like my body image and I'm also sexually attracted to women. I'm very shy and socially awkward. I have a few friends bcuz I lost most of them. I have been getting symptoms of dp but have never told anyone or seen a doctor. When I first started to get symptoms it was in 2015 October. I was in studyhall...

Another day part 2

Posted by samhurdd in samhurdd's Blog, 15 February 2017 · 86 views
#sick #of #this

so guys just another day of dread, lol on the plus side I managed to keep myslef occupied throughout the day which sort of distracts the dp, towards night it gets a lot worse, I'm struggling to even type, hm yeah a very scary feeling but iv began to accept it and add it into my daily routine. Recovering feels less likely and the condition I believe is...

A little better.

Posted by dope in Recovery Blog, 10 February 2017 · 88 views

Ever since the last post (on this blog) I've been feeling a little better...Not too much, however. But I wake up and the feeling is lowered by about 5%, the same whenever I fall asleep (at night DP is way worse for me). During the day, I think the same, too.
I feel like that's good news, but I'm not expecting too much. With DP, as we all know, it's 1 step...

week 4 and 5

Posted by London in London's Blog, 22 January 2017 · 93 views

There is absolutely some change I am experiencing. I am feeling a lot lighter after using the HH exercises - my DP has not gone away but I feel my mental capacity to do things and my motivation has definitely increased. The only other thing I can put this down to is the magnesium citrate I am taking but I dont think that would have such a profound effect....


Posted by BooBear in Positivity and DP, 28 December 2016 · 184 views
positivity, dp, dr, anxiety, help and 3 more...

Hey everyone! Let me introduce myself. I've been diagnosed with multiple mental illnesses in the past, and about three to four months ago, I started developing symptoms of DP. Over the months, it got worse but I am determined to get my life back onto track, as we all know; DP can truly ruin someone's life. Now, I know that people in this community...


Posted by Leannejoanx in Leannejoanx's Blog, 01 December 2016 · 125 views

I am struggling to fall asleep. This feeling of my mind not being connected to my body has taken over my life. I feel it all the time, it won't go away, I want to feel real. I feel so useless, mad, crazy, unpredictable. I can't remember the last time I felt connected. Maybe I was about 9. 13 years ago to be exact. It is the most awful thing not being able...

My symptoms

Posted by puddles19 in Me vs. DP, 22 November 2016 · 152 views

Here are my symptoms, wondering whether anyone out there experiencing the same things as me;

99% of the time emotionless
memory loss during my DP moments, usually unable to put together a sentence because I forget the details i.e. peoples names, places etc.
mental fogginess
lack of motivation
social anxiety - sometimes I'd do ANYTHING...

Sad events.

Posted by Alexm in DP and Me, 21 November 2016 · 100 views

Today was perhaps the most 'real' I have felt in a long time. My cat, a near 15 year old buddy sadly had to be put to sleep this morning.   Why was today significant? I barely flinched when my grandfather passed and he had spent his last year living with us, every day a waking nightmare dealing with his combination of Parkinsons and dementia. I simply...

Trauma n drug abuse my dp story

Posted by Lostsoul26 in Lostsoul26's Blog, 09 November 2016 · 149 views

Hello everyone.I am a newbie to the forum,but not to depersonalization.ive had it full blown for 8yrs now,though I always feel like it lingered in my childhood n early teen years.I am 25 yrs old and a mother of 2.the trauma I experienced started at 9yrs old when my mother passed away in a car accident,I remember feeling my first episode of...

Unbearable DP/DR

Posted by NomadicGalaxy in NomadicGalaxy's Blog, 06 October 2016 · 325 views

I’d first like to apologize for this being so long, but at this point I am desperate and want to provide as much information about what’s happening as I can. I will give a basic overview of what’s been happening, then some further details after. The events I describe started around June 15th, 2016 up until now. Please, if you have...

My depersonalisation/derealisation story

Posted by Yourimotte in Scuiscuik, 05 October 2016 · 270 views

Hi everyone,

I want to share my story of dpd/dr with you guys...I hope my story will be of any help to you all who also suffer from this disorder. I am now 17 years old and I am
almost recovered from my dpd/dr. When I first met this problem I was 12 years old. I went to a sportscamp and the first night I was not able to fall asleep. I then got out off bed...

Losing hope.

Posted by aslikeskinn in My feelings and thoughts., 04 October 2016 · 273 views

I'm so depressed. I feel like there's a bubble in my brain and it's preventing me from being able to be human.
I'm unhappy in my relationship and my cat is lost, and it's driving me crazy. Its like when I wake up in the mornings, I'm never fully awake. I feel like an empty vessel floating around the house doing pointless shit. I feel like slapping myself...

how i cured my dp

Posted by clairedelula in clairedelula's Blog, 03 October 2016 · 344 views

Hi everyone, I suffered from dp for over two and a half years. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. My deepest apologies to anyone else suffering from it, its not something I would wish on my worse enemy.

First off I would like to recommend to get off this...


Posted by sierramask10 in sierramask10's Blog, 28 September 2016 · 259 views

I am new here and i have had a problem with i think depersonalization... i will be fine in the mornings usually... but around 1-2:00 it hits me. I have bad anxiety about it and get freaked out. I just want to make sure it is not just me and i will outgrow it. i am only 18 years old and i just moved away to college so that could have some part in it. I...

My story

Posted by momo in momo's Blog, 25 September 2016 · 184 views
need help, anxiety attacks and 4 more...

Hi everyone,

I am totally new here. Also i am writing for the first time so excuse any mistakes.Please read till the end.I really need help.

I am fighting with anxiety since my childhood. At that time i didn't exactly know what my feelings are, why i am feeling them..nothing.
During my high school year i was really stressed out...i was lonely, had no...

Trying hard to beat this

Posted by Lexy13 in Lexy13's Blog, 21 September 2016 · 158 views

It's been a year and several months that I have been suffering from do work was so so hard last year and I missed so many days of work. But in happy to say that dp cloud has lifted. I've been able to concentrate and he fasinated by things and I feel part of the works. The shift is mostly due to work. I worked last year too but this year I feel more...

Sinus or Migraines causing Vertigo/Dizziness/DP/DR?

Posted by yourstruly_demi in yourstruly_demi, 21 September 2016 · 151 views

Hello beautiful people it's been a while since I wrote a blog!!

So an update on everything. I just recently when to the Ears, Nose, Throat doctor and he deep cleaned my ears with the vacuum. I recommend everyone on here to do that you never know what they may find because if you have an inner ear imbalance that...

My Derealization Story

Posted by loveylane in loveylane's Blog, 20 September 2016 · 205 views
my derealization story;

First I apologize if I'm not very good at this. This is my first time ever writing an entry on a blog period.

I guess I'll start... where it all started...
A doctor prescribed me seroquel. Wait lets rewind a bit. I was living away from home at the time getting my masters in Counseling Psychology. Ironic? Yes. I've always dealt with anxiety,...


Posted by Chandelier in Chandelier's Blog, 19 September 2016 · 152 views

I'm too lazy to really edit this, so it's going to be consistently unfocused, but whatever.

I'd best start writing now, because right now I don't know how much longer I have. Reality seems to be collapsing all around me, along with the internal coherence of my thoughts and feelings. For some reason I just need to to leave something, somewhere, in case I...

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